Why electronic music is a unique experience?

« Techno wasn’t designed to be dance music, it was designed to be a futurist statement » – Jeff Mills


You might be reluctant when it comes to listening to electronic music. Maybe it’s too futuristic for some, for others it feels mechanical, but let us put away any pre-conceived ideas for the time being.

The usual structure of songs is meant to share with you the composer’s own emotions. It leads you with lyrics and make you live in his world. That is why sometimes you find yourself drawn to some songs in particular. Depending on your mood and state of mind, you relate to the artist’s experience. Usually you don’t have a say in this kind of musical experience. Like reading a story you follow the steps of the storyteller. I don’t say that it’s bad, it’s one of the most popular and enjoyable structures, but it’s not all of music. Electronic music, aside from fusing harmonically with other music genres, gives you the opportunity to write you own story, anchor your own feelings. The composer or producer builds a set up and you can fill it with your thoughts and emotions. It’s a great opportunity to develop your own “emotional imagination”.

In other types of music where lyrics are heavily used, you just can’t! Each and every one of us experience a large range of feelings, which are reduced by Lyrics to love, hate, desire, anger, sorrow, etc. These words generalize and approximate the emotion in question. And even if metaphors are used, it doesn’t take you to the level of personal and intimate emotions. Because every one of us has his own experiences, his own perception of the inner and outer world.

On the other hand, technology is always changing. Music is a vast art form, and new outlets should always be explored. When it comes to technology and music, there is a huge new array of possibilities for someone’s creativity.

Physical instruments have, for example, limited range and timbre (and other properties). Think of, for example, complex rhythms or pitch jumps, carefully controlled glissando, extremely long notes, and so on.

Electronic music gives the composer the freedom to imagine sounds that are, for all intents and purposes, entirely unnatural. The timbral complexity is far beyond what you can find in most genres that rely upon traditional instrumentation. Still, it’s built around a strong rhythmic core following the roots of music. This sort of freedom of expression is something that is rare to find in any other way within music. But…i’m just saying!

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