Loubna Tber – A Drunken Man’s Word

D-BOX : Une série de sessions intimistes qui mettent en valeur des artistes et révèlent leur talent à travers une de leurs créations.

Pour cette session-pilote nous révélons le talent de la jeune chanteuse Loubna Tber qui nous présente sa chanson « A Dunken Man’s Word », écrite et composée par elle-même.




Your glass of wine

Is such a silly cause

To always love me back

When I’m so sick of going around

This crazy vinyl’s same old sound

Pushed aback

I cry myself at home alone

And if tonight

You dont call I’ll understand

And all the time I had to spend has gone by


Hey darling we had a blast

We loved the love we always dreamed of

Just lately you had a change of heart

I wasnt warned about

And now I am alone

If it’s like this

How am I supposed to love

A drunken man

If it’s like this

How am I supposed to trust

A drunken man’s word


Your husky voice

When you drink too much

If makes it feel a lot

Like you are always afraid

And when you smile I wanna trade

For a sober you

Be as stupid as you can be

You don’t have to

Say a word I know it’s true

And I’m again locked in the blue

Oh man


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