Meryèm Essàlhi – Grandma

Well, I was just a little child

But I still have it all in my head

I still remember the cold corner,

Where my dad was standing

Watching you leaving home.

I still hear it clearly in my mind,

The sound of people crying

‘Cause you’re not coming back home again.

Grandma, here are the words I wanted to say

The day you slept away.

Grandma, I wish I could see you once again

And kiss you goodbye on your hand.

Grandma, I really miss you around, I really miss you…

Every time I go home, I sit next to your room

I see you standing there,

Yeah your face is everywhere.

I ask everyone who knew you so well

To tell me about you,

I missed the chance of discovering you, myself.

Now that you’re gone away

I know you’re up with God somewhere,

Oh, I hope you are happy there.

So if you look down on my now,

Just know that I will be always true

Just like I promised you.

To everyone who’s listening to this song

If you ever lost someone,

Never leave them behind.

Every night I look at the sky

To the stars shining bright

I know you see them there…


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