Prefilled formalin containers

Diapath has been providing solutions of quality and excellence since 1997, coherently with its mission “constant innovation”.
This is why we created a line of products which reply to a strong need and to the European Regulation 605/2014, where formaldehyde has been classified as carcinogenic (category 1B) and, as a consequence, it has become of primary importance to reduce and eliminate formaldehyde vapours’ exposure.
Sicura and SafeCapsule are the answer to these needs. Patented products, prefilled specimen cups with formalin, easy to use, which allows the complete protection of patients and operators united with the safety of the sample itself. This is the ideal solution for any professional who has to take human or animal samples (urologist, dermatologist, vet, oculist, dentist, endoscopist, surgeon...), to fix them and to transport them in total safety.

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