7 pillars of innovation

Diapath's Innovation Department was established in 2019 inspired by the principles of innovation professed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. A multidisciplinary TEAM of professionals works for it, developing ideas and projects with an experimental approach based on scientific research.
1. The culture of innovation
The dissemination of the corporate innovation culture to all employees is a priority so that they are on the one hand supported in the development of their creative potential and on the other aligned with the strategic vision that allows them to actively translate creative ideas into business models.
2. Design Thinking approach
Design Thinking is a strategic process that guides innovation from a stage of uncertainty and chaos to a clear and organized activity in a process of transforming needs/problems into solutions that are products, services, strategies, business.
3. Cultivate creativity
Creativity as a solution to problems with relevance and innovation. Relevance is the degree to which a problem is actually solved and must be verifiable. While innovation is precisely that degree of uniqueness or originality that that solution possesses.
4. Design innovation
We study new solutions that become projects and technologies dedicated mainly to the Anatomic Pathology labs with the utmost attention to the safety of the histological sample, which is unique and unrepeatable. In the development phases, we pay maximum attention to the choice of materials in respect of the health of the operators.
5. Environmental Sustainability and Green Deal
A key factor in the development of innovation strategies is environmental, social and economic sustainability. Technological investments must allow new models of sustainable consumption, business and sales, as well as products and services that have a positive impact on three aspects: the human aspect (people), the socio-economic aspect (profit) and the ecological aspect (planet).
6. Open innovation: the value of contamination
We aim to enhance ideas, concepts, solutions and skills developed both through internal and external paths in order to progress in our technology expertise through scientific collaborations with research institutions, IRCCS, universities, hospitals, government bodies in Europe and abroad.
7. The value of research and experimentation
To innovate successfully, we integrate research with experimentation, investing 8% of Diapath's annual turnover in Technological Innovation, in constant research and development for a better future.